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Auburn University joins Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations for World Food Day, Oct. 16

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University is now a partner with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for World Food Day, which is recognized around the world annually on Oct. 16.

June Henton, dean of the College of Human Sciences, and Harriet Giles, director of external communications for the college, were asked by FAO in the spring to engage campuses worldwide through Universities Fighting World Hunger in raising awareness about domestic and global hunger.

A student committee representing UFWH campuses around the world suggested FAO use the new “Why Care?” campaign, which was started by four Auburn students in a Hunger Studies capstone course.

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Auburn University to create International Hunger Institute

AUBURN – The Auburn University Board of Trustees agreed on Feb. 3 to establish the International Hunger Institute, providing the university with another tool to use in the fight against domestic and global hunger.

The proposal from the College of Human Sciences was based on the college’s ongoing relationship with the United Nations World Food Programme and the university’s role as a land-, space- and sea-grant institution.

“No other institution is as well positioned to create an international hunger institute as Auburn University,” said June Henton, dean of the College of Human Sciences.

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Committee of 19 leads Auburn students in hunger relief for Haiti

AUBURN – The Committee of 19, Auburn University’s student leadership group for the War on Hunger, is donating $15,000 to the United Nations World Food Programme for Haiti relief. The money was collected over the past 18 months through various fundraisers by Auburn’s individual schools, colleges and organizations, as well as campus-wide activities.

The World Food Programme, or WFP, is the largest humanitarian agency in the world, feeding on average over 90 million people in 82 countries annually. As a first responder in the current crisis, WFP is attempting to bring weekly rations to more than 2 million people in Haiti over the next few weeks.

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