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Newly released book tells “The War Eagle Story” for young readers

AUBURN – One of the most popular legends of the origin of Auburn University’s “War Eagle” has been beautifully told and illustrated in a newly-released children’s book, “The War Eagle Story.”

The book is co-authored by Auburn University’s Francesca Adler-Baeder, associate professor and extension specialist, and her husband Patrick Baeder, and illustrated by Tiffany Everett, an amateur illustrator and photographer who lives in Auburn.

“The War Eagle Story” is set during one of Auburn’s earliest football games in which the unnamed opponent is described only as “a fearsome foe.” Among the Auburn fans watching the game that day was an elderly man, identified as a Civil War veteran, whose aging pet eagle was perched on his shoulder. “The War Eagle Story” describes how, when Auburn was losing the game, the eagle suddenly rallied to soar over the field, drawing cries of “War Eagle” from the crowd and inspiring the team to victory.

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