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Auburn University hosting Alabama Water Policy Symposium May 10

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – A statewide partnership seeking a comprehensive water policy for Alabama will hold a symposium at Auburn University Friday, May 10, to inform Alabamians about current progress and also to solicit public comment. The symposium will be held in 207 Comer Hall Auditorium, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The theme is “Science-based Water Planning and Policy – What We Know, What We Need to Know, and How We Get There.”

Sam Fowler, director of the Auburn University Water Resources Center and a symposium organizer, said he encourages anyone interested in the discussion and development of a comprehensive water policy, whether citizens, stakeholders or elected officials, to attend.

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Auburn-developed water-purification technology granted U.S. EPA registration

AUBURN – A water-purification technology developed at Auburn University has been granted United States Environmental Protection Agency registration. This technology, when used in appropriately designed drinking water devices, could save lives in remote areas or during natural disasters.

Professor Dave Worley, of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the College of Sciences and Mathematics, developed the technology that Seattle-based HaloSource Inc. is commercializing as “HaloPure Br.” The company, which pays royalties to Auburn through a technology transfer agreement, markets the technology in a disinfecting cartridge to drinking water device manufacturers around the world.

“The EPA registration not only will benefit U.S. citizens, but also will help provide safe, clean drinking water to consumers in many other countries,” said Worley. “Once the U.S. EPA grants registration to a new technology, many other countries will adopt the view that it is safe and proven.”

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Water harvesting might be part of the solution to Alabama’s future water needs

AUBURN – Water resource specialists from Auburn University and from other agencies in the state will gather at Lake Guntersville State Park Jan. 21-22 to discuss ways to capture and store excess rainwater, which could help meet the future water needs of Alabama.

The conference, “Upland Rainwater Banking: An Alternative to Damming Larger Perennial Streams for Municipal, Industrial and Agricultural Water Sources,” will explore the potential for capturing overland flow of rainfall from upland, rural watersheds in small impoundments to provide water for municipal, industrial and agricultural use. Speakers will discuss the hydrological, environmental, legislative, regulatory and socioeconomic issues related to water harvesting.

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