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We Can’t BBQ Our Way Out of This One

Wild PigsBy Mark D. Smith and Stephen S. Ditchkoff

Wild pigs, frequently referred to as feral swine or feral hogs, have been in North American for a long time—since the late 1500s, in fact, when the first wild pigs were introduced by Europeans. Since that time, small isolated populations have persisted throughout the Southeast, whether from accidental escapes from swine production operations or remnants from the bygone days of free-ranging domestic swine. In the last 20 or so years, these wild pigs have steadily increased their range and numbers in Alabama and throughout the United States, where they are now found in 47 states.

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Auburn researchers help landowners battle wild pigs with management guide

Wild Pig ManagementAUBURN – Wild pigs have become a big problem in the Southeast as they destroy billions of dollars in crops annually, compete with other native wildlife species, and wreak havoc on forests, pastures and food plots. An Auburn University professor and his colleagues have created a book to help landowners manage the rapidly increasing population of wild pigs.

The joint publication of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and the Mississippi State University Extension Service provides practical information to landowners on managing wild pig populations.

The book, titled “A Landowner’s Guide for Wild Pig Management: Practical Methods for Wild Pig Control,” turns scientific research into proven techniques for reducing damage, according to Mark Smith, assistant professor and extension specialist at Auburn University and co-author of the book.

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